Grandparent access

When it comes to the visitation rights of grandparents with regard to their grandchildren, Texas law provides definite limitations, so legal representation is highly recommended.

Texas law limits the circumstances under which grandparents can request visitation with or file for custody of their grandchildren. In most cases, you must prove to the court that instituting visitation or custody is in the best interests of your grandchildren in opposition to the wishes of the parent(s). This burden of proof is often difficult to establish with certainty, so it’s best to retain legal assistance if you believe this path is necessary, particularly if your grandchildren are in emotional or physical danger. And since timing can be critical, it’s vital to do so immediately.

We can help you determine whether your case meets legal criteria, help you identify any evidence you’ll need to meet your burden of proof, draft and file necessary paperwork and present your case to the court. Everything we do is in service to the safety and security of your grandchildren.